Yule Log Festival & Light Parade


Another wonderful Beulah tradition promoted by the Beulah Valley Arts Council is the Winter Yule Log Festival that has been held every December for over 60 years.  The Festival centers around an 8 foot pine log that is hidden in the Mountain Park months prior to the anticipated hunt.   Much fanfare and music begins the hunt for the Yule Log.  A trumpeter calls the hunt and anyone can go out into the woods to look for the log… or can stay at the Mountain Park’s stone lodge and sing carols.  When the log is found, the finder must yell HALUEB – which is Beulah spelled backward.

The finder is then seated on the log and rides back to the pavilion pulled by the unlucky hunters.  There, the log is cut in two pieces  – half will be put on the fire and the other half will be kept to start the next year’s fire.   After toasting the finder with Wassail . . everyone is invited to taste the spicy hat-apple drink and partake of homemade cookies provided by the residents of Beulah Valley.

The Winter Festivities continue in the town of  Beulah with the Annual LIGHT PARADE.  Homemade floats (and the like) are paraded down Beulah’s main street for all to enjoy. . . after which locals and visitors gather to serenade each other playing music and singing carols.

Unfortunately, The Pines of Beulah Guest Cabins are seasonal and are not open during the winter months.  So . . you may need to find a friend or relative in Beulah to accommodate an overnight stay.   Good Luck!!