Beulah History

 The small community of Beulah is one of the earliest settlements in the Wet Mountains.  It was first known in the 1840s as Fisher’s Hole.  In the 1860s it was renamed Mace’s Hole, after the outlaw and cattle rustler Juan Mace, who hid from the law in the surrounding mountains.  In 1876, the residents of Mace’s Hole opted to change the name of the community.  ‘Beulah’ (referenced from the Bible, means ‘married’) won out over three other entries and on Oct. 25, 1876, Beulah became the official name of the community.

The Beulah Historical Society has been instrumental in keeping the history of Beulah alive and available for residents and visitors alike.  Stop by the Beulah History Center located on Grand Ave to learn more about the interesting past of this area.