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Flag Mountain

An early morning hike may be just your thing.  Get your day started with this short, vigorous hike to what the locals have dubbed ‘Flag Mountain’.   

Many years ago the children of the original owners of what is now The Pines cabins raised the United States flag high atop a mountain overlook of the town.   Over the years, others have maintained the site replacing the flag when worn.   This awesome view of the Beulah Valley can be achieved in just 20 minutes. Start left from the cabins, down the hill on Grand Ave.  Turn right to cross the bridge and look immediately to the left.  Climb uphill to the path in front of an old shed.  (The path is not always easy to see at first, it may be a bit washed out from recent rains).  The trail is steep, and fairly difficult in spots, just be sure to wear hiking shoes as the terrain has some loose rock areas.   Well worth the effort!! 

Stompin’ Grounds Coffee Shop

The Stompin’ Grounds is a favorite local hang out. Not only will you get a great cup of Coffee (snacks/breakfast/lunches too) . . but it’s a great way to get a feel of the area and ask questions of the local town people.  

The Pueblo Mountain Park

Just a 10 minute drive from Beulah, the Pueblo Mountain Park is Pueblo’s most far-flung city park.  The park consists of 611 acres of forested hills and valleys, home to mule deer, black bear, wild turkeys, foxes, and other species. 

The 6 miles of hiking trails in the park are open to foot and horse traffic only.  National Forest trails can be accessed through Pueblo Mountain Park, offering many more miles of trails.  The park also provides day use of picnic areas, a playground, ballpark, bridal paths and scenic drives.  Directions and a Park Trail Map are available in your cabin.

Mountain Parks Environmental Center  (MPEC)

The Pueblo Mountain Park, which includes the Visitor Center and the Horseshoe Lodge, is managed by the MPEC.  There is no camping in the park, but because of recent renovations to the Horseshoe Lodge visitors can reserve a room at the lodge for overnight stays.

The MPEC focuses on creatively preserving and maintaining environment stability through educational programs.  From guided hikes to school programs promoting Environmental Literacy, the center offers a vast range of services.  More info can be obtained on their website:  www.hikeandlearn.org;  or call 719 485 4444.